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February 2008

Father Peter Young

Peter Young Housing Industries & Treatment (PYHIT) is an alcohol and drug rehabilitation program for incarcerated individuals. Father Young has selflessly dedicated his life to this work.

January 2008

Max Yurenda, The Double H Ranch

The Double H Ranch in Lake Luzerne was founded to offer exciting, enriching experiences for children who are battling life-threatening illnesses, and to provide medical treatment for them, as well. The best part is that they'll never have to pay a cent.

November 2007

Pastor Charlie Muller: Victory Christian Church

Charlie Muller was a carefree boxer until the day he heard a higher calling. Now, he's making a real difference to the at-risk and the less fortunate in Albany.

October 2007

Military Mom in Action

Kathy and Ken Buckley started sending out packages to their two sons who were serving overseas, and now they send out 1,200 a month. They share why they do it and how big things can come out of small spaces.

September 2007

Catie Hoch Foundation

Before 9-year-old Catie Hoch succumbed to neuroblastoma, she asked her parents to help other sick kids have a "day off from cancer." The Catie Hoch Foundation has since become one of the area's most ardent crusaders in the fight against childhood cancer.

June 2007

NYS Troopers

Success Magazine Ltd honors NYS Troopers David Brinkerhoff, Joseph Longobardo, John McKenna, Jose Rosado, Andrew Sperr, and Craig Todeschini, who gave their lives in the line of duty.

May 2007

Libiu Librescu

The April 23rd shooting at Virginia Tech will always be remembered as a tragedy. But it will also be remembered as a moment when some, like Professor Libiu Librescu, would make the ultimate heroic sacrifice.

March 2007

Dee Sarno

This month's Hero is not on the front lines of the Iraq War or the War on Crime. Instead, Dee Sarno has spent over a decade working behind the scenes to advocate the arts and education and in the process has enriched our community.

February 2007

S. Sergeant Matthew Maupin: Iraq War POW

This month's Hero award is shared by Iraq War POW Matt Maupin and his parents Keith and Carolyn Maupin, who have tirelessly worked to find their son and bring him home.